Who would you name a park after?

Your Name Here was the opportunity to nominate someone to be commemorated permanently by having a park in St Helens named after them.

Anyone from anywhere in the world could enter but we were particularly interested to receive nominations that have a connection to St Helens. After the competition closed on 26th June 2015, a panel of judges chose a winner from the names and reasons submitted.

The nomination process has now been closed. The new park will be officially revealed in late Summer 2015. It will remain permanently in place for all to see, becoming part of the fabric of the town and its maps.

Your Name Here is a Heart of Glass commission by artist Joshua Sofaer, who devised the concept for the competition.


Your Name Here focuses on the town of St Helens, Merseyside UK

The winning name has become that of a new park in St Helens. The park is at the northern reach of Sankey Canal, the first industrial canal in the UK. Opened in 1757 and extended in 1775 to transport raw materials into St Helens this section of canal is also known as 'The Hotties' as it was where warm water from Pilkingtons factory was pumped into the canal via the 'gusher' and was warm enough for tropical fish.

Although anyone, from anywhere in the world could nominate someone, it is imagined that the winning name will have some connection to St Helens borough.


What is it about?

Your Name Here wants to engage a conversation in St Helens about who we reward in society today, how we reward them, and to begin a discussion on a range of themes including citizenship, history, family, and civic pride.

What does it mean to be a citizen worthy of praise?

In today’s celebrity culture, who do we want our role models to be?

Who are the important people we have forgotten?

Who among your family and friends have been most supportive and transformative in your lives?


A panel of judges will select a winner from the nominations submitted